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The hunters three, persistently
(Consistent in their tracking feat)
A leaf of Lorien they found,
All pounded down in loam and peat.

An attempt at the patterning of Tolkien's "Errantry" which turned out to be quite a difficult task and increased even more my respect for his grasp of language. The pattern has been turned in this case to the story of the Three Hunters in their run and their encounter with the Rohirrim, emphasis on Gimli.

The Burly Axegrinder
There was a burly axegrinder, a taxminder, a warrior )
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Alone amidst many, yet surrounded I am

A brief, introspective piece for Legolas with an autumn theme - so far from his own forests and people, watching the brief, bright lives of mortals swirling past as leaves in the changing seasons.

Men, golden as leaves, how they furl and fade )
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Though few can understand how we complete one another;
And they stare at us in wonder as we walk the city streets

One of those ultimate friendships in literature, the bond that grew between this most unlikely pair.

Two Such Friends
we are lessened when we are apart )
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Such longing
I cannot conceal

I admit I am rather proud of how this one worked out. It is a wave-shaped piece on the sea-longing that tormented Legolas so. This poem folds back on itself - and in the proper formatting is a smoother wave - and the ending comes right back to the beginning, so the waves may continue as long as you like.

MEFA 2006 Honorable Mention for Dramatic Poetry.

Seabird's Cry
My soul fills my eyes )
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He stands over me, crowned with stars

I bring my collection that covers the events of the first book, The Fellowship of the Ring, to a close with the dark encounter along the river bank, turned aside with an Elven bow. This is Frodo's point of view, his instincts, memories and fears.

The Banks of the Anduin
Out of the night’s stillness, an unearthly cry )
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Where has the silver maiden gone?

I was taken with Legolas' sad tale of Nimrodel and the stream named for her, one of Tolkien's many 'tales within a tale' that give his storytelling such depth. This is a 'shaped'/concrete poem on a simple scale.

With it is a poem experimenting with a ABba stanza, honoring Haldir and the others who spent so much of their time guarding their pocket of peace from the wars that surrounded them - this one could use some editing, I think, but has some decent turns of phrase.

Sorrowing Nimrodel
Falling in silver whispers. A mourning )
Watching over Lorien
Anathema that blood is shed Beneath gold canopy so sweet )
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Not quite the same as getting your knickers in a twist, but darn close.

Anyone who has spent much time knocking about the 'net in just about any fandom has run across that infamous game in which random nouns in popular quotes are changed to "pants" thus providing hours of non-intellectual amusement for sleep-deprived people.

Which brings me to this - a set of parodies patterned on Tolkien's verses all run through a 'pants' filter. *snert*
O! Long, long pants are a noble thing! )
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Easy to read but fiendishly difficult to write. I know of what I speak - this form is very arguably the most difficult poetic form I've attempted so far. A small number of these are 'not quite pure' double-dactyls taking license with syllable count rather than properly multisyllabic singular words.

For an explanation of what a double-dactyl is, here's an intro:

And here we go - 15 Character Double-Dactyls, Higgledy-Piggledy )

And three double-dactyl drinks for the Road -! )
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I am contemplating the veritable mountain of poetry I have, trying to decide how best to present the portions worth presenting. Haiku is a bit like potato chips, really, tiny bites that can either be savored or crunched down quickly according to mood.

A pile of Tolkien-themed haiku )
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Aragorn was right, they should have taken the train.

Title: Rivendell International Airport
Characters: The entire Fellowship including Bill the Pony
Wordcount: 5,667
Summary: A bit of humor considering what might have happened if the Fellowship had decided to take a plane instead of walking all that ways - would Anduril make it through security?

A/N: MEFA 2008 First Place for Humor, genre Elven Lands. Anyone who has ever gone through a modern airport can relate to the events. This piece is one of those that wrote itself rather rapidly one night and has gone on to be one of my most popular writings.

It can also be found at ff.net here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4106468/1/Rivendell_International_Airport (though "Stories of Arda" considered the setting to make it too AU to accept for their guidelines.)

'I still think we should have taken the train,' said Aragorn. )
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Crying 'Fire' in a crowded fic

Title: A Blaze of Glory
Characters: Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn
Wordcount: 1317
Summary: Gandalf is back, but the circumstances are a bit warmer than expected.

A/N: Another 'one-hour challenge' in which we were given a passage from Tolkien and an hour to chase it along. Sometimes the results are a bit unexpected!

It was no wonder that his beard was grey, considering the soot and ash )
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All who saw it wondered what it meant

Title: The Passing of the Fellowship
Characters: the entire Fellowship
Wordcount: 776
Summary: The Fellowship passes by in a highly individual way.

A/N: This was a One Hour challenge piece, in which we were given a prompt from Tolkien's writings and then had one hour to chase the bouncing ball where ever it might go. Mine developed an unexpected bounce.

Gandalf walked in front... )
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Written for Take the Fellowship to Work Day

Title:The Fellowship go to the Library
Characters: All nine of the Fellowship plus a self-insert
Wordcount: 1716
Summary: What is says on the tin - they accompany Prim to her then-job at a grade school library.

A/N: This was written for a challenge that we show what would happen if we took the Fellowship to work with us - a very early effort in my writing (especially as evidenced by the the 'tense') but still potentially amusing to anyone who has ever been around a grade-school.

Okay! Lunches are packed? Backpacks are ready? Let's go! )
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Arrrgh! Mmmmf!

Title: Dark! Leafy!
Characters: Legolas, Gimli
Wordcount: 1,012
Summary: Legolas visits the Glittering Caves with Gimli as he promised, but Gimli must return the favor and visit Fangorn. A brief humorous look at their differing opinions.

Behold! The beauty of the Glittering Caves! )


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