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A little "singable" hobbit poem I wrote for inclusion in my Bilbo-centric story Nothing of Note, the idea being that of a well known folksong everyone picks up on.

Over the Hills
How the sun shines on the lasses, the lads with bright eyes )
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We are never alone or neglected here,
There's always a hearth and a hearty meal.
The gentle sound of the river ways;
A background murmur to our days

A toast to Meriadoc the Magnificent, Master of the Hall. This is one of my own favorites, another that I would set to song if I had the talent. I would love to live in Brandy Hall, myself, if I could.

Brandy Hall
A 'regular warren', to far-flung folk )
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Many pantries stocked with pastries, the envy of the town.
In this comfort dwelt a hobbit, crazy Baggins of reknown.

A light, rhyming ballad for the history of Bag End from Bilbo to Frodo to the Sackville-Baggins and finally Sam.

Ballad of Bag End
There was a lovely hobbit hole, under hill, under tree )
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The Shire has flowered after the war.
Like waking from a dream...
Coming back to what is familiar

The shock of peacetime after the shock of war, how can the pieces of the old life be picked up again?

Falling Asleep Again
Coming home in a windswept night )

Sam's Box

Dec. 22nd, 2009 05:56 pm
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Plant it carefully, Sam

What better symbol of healing, and what finer gift? A piece for Sam's bit of earth entrusted to him, better than any gold.

Sam's Box
Entrusted to your gardener’s heart )
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So easy to intimidate, so simple to control.
What will you do
When one of them grows greater?

Words spoken by both Gandalf and Saruman of what Frodo had become - a look at the Scouring of the Shire and the 'show down' that was not what Sharkey expected.

You have Grown
I would have him find his healing )
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Behold the ruin, the ravaged Shire,
The trees are felled and burned with fire

Two for the ravaged Shire - what a terrible loss, and what a terrible, vengeful blow they found upon their homecoming. Merry 'should have stuffed that pouch down his throat' as he said.

Alas for the shade and the loam )
The Party Tree
Eyes that had faced down great evil unflinching now burst into tears )
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Nodding in his carven chair
Among his cushions and shawls he sits

The Travellers return to Rivendell at last, and their beloved, aged Bilbo awaits them by his fire ready to hear all about their Adventure... assuming he can stay awake.

Nodding by the Fire
Hands like wisps of parchment )
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In such grieving as this is found wisdom,
And in wisdom you will find your strength.

A longer piece for Merry's being recalled from the darkness and grieving by Aragorn's skill.

Merry's Awakening
My heart has gone grey and still as death )


Dec. 20th, 2009 10:57 pm
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We should not be here, Pip.

Merry's heart-wrenching inquiry to Pippin when he finds him in the war-torn streets, they were both so terribly beyond anything they were intended for. This originally was carefully formatted, I've had to make do with dashes here on LJ and hope they aren't too distracting.

Are you going to bury me? )
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He stands over me, crowned with stars

I bring my collection that covers the events of the first book, The Fellowship of the Ring, to a close with the dark encounter along the river bank, turned aside with an Elven bow. This is Frodo's point of view, his instincts, memories and fears.

The Banks of the Anduin
Out of the night’s stillness, an unearthly cry )
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A sweet little verse form

The rondelet is French in origin, a short poem of a single septet (that is, 7 lines long), with only two rhymes, and one refrain, which is repeated. The result is, I think, very like flower petals working their way around a flower, small and soft but with a grace and closure I find lacking in some other short forms, such as haiku.

Outside the gate )
Leaves in the wood )
Longbottom Leaf )
Valiant maid )
In Pippin's eyes )
A silver spoon )
Beyond the sea )
There is no time )
Promised, Master )
Greenest fields )
For September 22nd )
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What is life without taste?

Title: Bombur's Diet
Characters:: Bilbo, Bombur, Gloin, Dwalin, Bofur, Bifur, Nori, Dori
Wordcount: 9,075 (in 8 chapters)
Summary: A Bilbo & Bombur tale as a companion piece to my 'Stone of Erebor' and as such is also set at the Lonely Mountain during Bilbo's visit after he's left the Ring with Frodo and before he settled down in Rivendell. Just a light bit of fun with Dwarves, enjoy.

A/N: Warning, do not read while hungry! MEFA 2008 3rd Place, genre: Dwarves
At Fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4304491/1/Bomburs_Diet

At Stories of Arda: http://storiesofarda.com/chapterlistview.asp?SID=5908
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Formerly burgling hobbits are never trusted...

Title:: Stone of Erebor
Characters: Bilbo, Bombur, Nori, Dori, Gloin, Gimli, Dwalin, Bifur, Bofur, Dain Ironfoot, and a cameo of sorts for Thorin Oakenshield.
Wordcount: 70,776 (in 25 chapters)
Summary: Having left the Shire for good, Bilbo finally visits Lonely Mountain and his old friends, but Dain is suspicious of a non dwarf among them and when something goes missing, Bilbo finds himself drawn into ensuring its return.

2nd Place, MEFA 2007, General Mystery category

A/N: This is a gap-filler - I couldn't find any fic exploring my favorite hobbit's retirement trip and finally decided I would have to write it myself. My first attempt at anything like a mystery, and a fun exploration of how I imagine the Dwarves and their world to be. It has a companion piece added later for those wanting more Dwarves, the lighthearted "Bombur's Diet".

It being 25 chapters, I'll merely link to it:

Here at Stories of Arda: http://storiesofarda.com/chapterlistview.asp?SID=3903

Here at Fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2456490/1/Stone_of_Erebor
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Oh the on-purpose bad writing horrors

Title: The Song of Bingo and Lobelia
Wordcount: 435
Summary: Written for a 'Bad Writing' challenge, a purposefully awful rendition of the ballad of Beren and Luthien redone for Bingo (Tolkien's rough draft of Frodo) and Lobelia.

The leaves were dry, the grass was green, The pole-bean poles stood tall and lean... )


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