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Your heart was ever seaward, beloved

One for the loss that Elrond faced when his Celebrian, wounded and sorrowed, turned away from him to find her healing over the sea, followed by a shaped 'concrete' poem from Celebrian's view of her longing to escape, more properly formatted the wave-shaped stanzas are smoother.

See how the waves lift their arms to the sun )
This )
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Amid the green and golden,
Light settling in your hair.

Thoughts on Galadriel, whose own hand was involved in the weaving of the Lorien cloaks.

Green and Golden
When in the green and golden )
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A Birthday Party reaps a harvest of the last peace-time toys Dale would know for a long time.

Art is so often an outgrowth of times of peace, when people can stop worrying about survival long enough to indulge in something just for the sake of beauty. This looks at the history behind (and after) the marvellous toys that were brought in and distributed at the Party Tree.

The Toy-Makers of Dale
The toy-makers of Dale knew and remembered )
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He stands over me, crowned with stars

I bring my collection that covers the events of the first book, The Fellowship of the Ring, to a close with the dark encounter along the river bank, turned aside with an Elven bow. This is Frodo's point of view, his instincts, memories and fears.

The Banks of the Anduin
Out of the night’s stillness, an unearthly cry )
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Do not grieve that you yet have life

Galadriel's words to Gimli, who mourned for the loss of the glory his kind once knew - an amazing kindness between them, a comfort and a clear message of wisdom from one who knew intimately of the ravages Time could bring and the passing of seasons. With it I'm including Crystal Imperishable for the gift she bestowed on him and the faithful admiration he gave in return.

Grieve Not
Fair were their days, and though darkness claims them now, It shall not claim you )
Crystal Imperishable
For this I will release my words spoke ill against your kind )
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White and golden, gold and white

A longer poem in homage to the beauty and peace of timeless Lothlorien, Dreamflower.

With it I'm placing a sonnet written from Aragorn's point of view as he returns to Lorien, remembering his time there with Arwen in the past.

The ageless hues of morning and evening; Silver stars and starry blossoms )
Returning to Lorien
My longing, this forgotten realm of gold )
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Where has the silver maiden gone?

I was taken with Legolas' sad tale of Nimrodel and the stream named for her, one of Tolkien's many 'tales within a tale' that give his storytelling such depth. This is a 'shaped'/concrete poem on a simple scale.

With it is a poem experimenting with a ABba stanza, honoring Haldir and the others who spent so much of their time guarding their pocket of peace from the wars that surrounded them - this one could use some editing, I think, but has some decent turns of phrase.

Sorrowing Nimrodel
Falling in silver whispers. A mourning )
Watching over Lorien
Anathema that blood is shed Beneath gold canopy so sweet )
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Fallen, fallen...

Chasm is a brief mourning piece after the loss of Gandalf, so suddenly taken from them, and is essentially Frodo's point of view but could apply to Aragorn as well. With it is Mirrormere, a little different from my usual writing in that it dives more deeply into symbolism and philosophical thinking - part of me likes it and part of me thinks it needs work because I was 'trying too hard'. I think I was reading things like Thanatopsis at this time and it shows.

I cannot see for my tears )
Blind to the longer tale we are of, Fated to hold the fleeting )
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Here lies Balin, Lord of Moria

Two poems for the Dwarves here, the first being Gimli's surety that somehow, some way Balin's ill-fated colony had survived, the second being a poetic examination of the Dwarven Lords, their world and their fate.

Gimli's Hope
He will be waiting for us there. You'll see. )
Dwarven Lords
...thus their hearts were metal-bound )
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What a deception, and treachery deep,
Was that soft kiss of snow on the warmth of the cheek.

What would this tale be without at least one poem for Caradhras, who defeated their attempt aand sent them thus to the darkness of Moria below? But snow is so light and so pretty...what harm could a few flakes do?

Treacherous Snowfall
The smallest ones lay too quiet and chilled, In their downy nests of snow they sleep - )


Dec. 18th, 2009 07:44 pm
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The land lies silent where once it heard singing

The story of Hollin / Eregion and its tragic downfall and scattering caught at my heart, but then, betrayal is such a powerful and terrible event. This is a longer poem, and darker.

Redder than the berries of their beloved holly trees, Their blood once ran )


Dec. 18th, 2009 07:33 pm
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There's no place like home

This was an interesting find - I wrote this poem on Sam's homesickness for the Shire twice, once as a free prose and then went back over it and placed the same concept into a simplistic structured pattern. I have only the faintest recollection of doing this.

Homesick: "prose" styled
Countless steps through bracken and swaying grasses )
Homesick: "patterned" version
Swaying grasses that lay untilled )
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Preparing to depart, enduring and promising

The first here is somewhat heavy in its presentation, more like getting a lecture than hearing a song if that makes sense - but I like the ending. The second is a double-layered work for Arwen bidding Aragorn farewell, in which there is a short poem woven into the longer one, look for the indented words (I had to use underscores to make it indent). The green Elfstone that Aragorn took that part of his name from signified healing and wholeness.

To perceive the strength that could endure such testing )
The years with sorrows have harrowed your soul )


Dec. 18th, 2009 02:19 pm
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An 'overview' of the story of Aragorn's mother, in poetic form - setting it among the poetry for Rivendell seemed fitting.

A blossom barely opened )
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Enter Boromir, stage left - while Bilbo imparts yet another treasure

The first one is essentially a character sketch for Denethor's eldest as he descends on Imladris for the Council - the second is a look at the treasure that Bilbo gave, and it wasn't necessarily a coat.

Traveler from Gondor
Your own ways, which you deem best for all )
Mithril Coat
The breath of his life, all silver enclosed )
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Gentle, the last Homely House

This homage to Imladris was one of my very early works, but I still have a fondness for it. I remember a lady in Ireland sending me a copy of this printed out very nicely with a colour border for me to sign and send back as she wanted to frame it in her "Rivendell themed" sitting room - it was very heart-warming and humbling.

Rivendell's Refuge
Golden, broken off from time )
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A chance at life

The first piece resembles more a running train of thought from Gandalf's point of view than anything else, not top quality but I'm including it anyway. A companion piece to this might be found in the short story "Approach". With it is Rivendell Reflection, from Frodo's viewpoint after awaking.

Arrival in Rivendell
The call was urgent - )
Rivendell Reflection
The living image of memories )
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It was dark beneath the dell at Weathertop

This being a set of six that go together, I'm including them in one post. They are mostly from Frodo's POV, with some of Sam and Aragorn. It being the subject matter it is - Angst alert!

This set was awarded First Place in the Late Third Age Poetry category, MEFA 2008.

Black is the night beyond the hollow )
Dark Under the Dell
Our only hope a frail boundary of fire )
Put It On
Unbearable... )
The Glory of Shadows
Such a terrible glory, the glory of shadows; The glory of unending death. )
Fading Away
Where has he gone, the Pale King? )
Becoming Like Them
A winter with no hope of spring )
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A little piece for that interlude by the stone trolls, when Sam shows his hidden side.

Proper Poet

An artist’s eye,
And a poet’s heart,
A gardener’s caring for all that is living,
A steady hand
That knows what’s right,
With courage to see the night through to the day.

A longing for language, the beauty of words,
A thirst for all mystery and wonder.
To desire in his dreams places afar
But to hold to the earth
As he reaches the sky:
Proper poet.

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Two for the darkness beneath the barrow mounds

This passage ranks right up there in Freaky Ghost Stories of my life - it's a relatively brief interlude in the narrative, but so dark.

Barrow Mist
This cold reminds me of bones )
With gold weighed down; Deep in the darkness will they stay. )


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