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Just a note to let my faithful readers know that any of my written fic, poetry, drabbles, etc. published after 9-10-10 will be archived here at Dreamwidth instead of at LiveJournal and will not be crossposted. The journal at LJ will remain up, but will no longer be updated.

As always most works can also be found at fanfiction.net, storiesofarda.com and/or whofic.com as well. Happy reading!
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This lj will be serving as the rounding up point for my scattered fic and poetry. The intent at the moment is to post the actual text of shorter works, drabbles and poems and to simply link to the longer ones (Nothing of Note, for instance, is a novel in itself.) Piles of tiny verses will most likely be scooped together or merely linked to.

Use the tags to navigate to your preferred Tolkien novel, poetic form, genre, Doctor, companion, character and/or general fic length.

Stories will be tagged as "TITLE: story title", poems will be tagged "POETRY: poem title" so you can tell if it's a tale or a poem before you click.

A tag indicating "Original" poetry means it is based on my own poetic life, observations and thoughts rather than off of a fandom.

Most of my writings at this time are set in either Tolkien's Lord of the Rings/ Middle-earth, or are from the Whoniverse of Doctor Who, almost entirely the 'classic' Doctors with emphasis on the first three and especially the Third. I've very few crossovers (Star Trek TOS makes an appearance) and the majority of my characters will be 'themselves' rather than AU versions.

I'll be including both my LOTR poetry (of which there is a generous lot) and general poems which have mostly resulted from my experimenting with various forms, the emphasis of that lot being on nature themes, with lots of cats and gardening. Some are, naturally, better than others, but I'll leave that to the judgment of the reader for the most part (if it's a real tosser, I'll probably toss it).

I write genfic with occasional lapses into fluff, all my writings are 'family friendly' - if a poem or work includes any darker than usual emotive imagery, there will be a note to let you know. There are no excessively dark, suicidal or graphic descriptions, no foul language and no slash so feel free to wander.

This is a work in progress and once the older items are in place, newer ones will be added as the Muse dictates.

Thank you for reading! Your enjoyment and sharing in these visions and adventures is one of the sweeter things in life.


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