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Title: Acquired Taste
Characters: Three, Jo and Benton

It's Christmastime at UNIT, a nice time to sample some homebaked fruitcake...or then again, maybe not.

Read here, or find find Acquired Taste over at Whofic.


Can't you smell it...? )


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"You're not fat enough for Santa!" declared a small boy's voice.

Title: Wishing on a Peppermint Star
Characters: Three, Jo, Benton, Yates with reference to the Brigadier
Wordcount: 5,419
Summary: A light little Christmastide tale for Three, Jo, Benton and Yates. A small, lost alien is somewhere amid the holiday shoppers, but we mustn't let that stop the children from seeing Santa. Ho ho!

A/N: I've always thought Three would've made a dandy Santa. Written for the Christmas season, 2009.

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] starbells for dreaming up the concept of this particular creature, and to [livejournal.com profile] everloyal for her creative ideas and helpful advising, you're splendid, both of you. Thank you also to my Brits for being willing to put up with 'Santa' rather than 'Father Christmas' for most of the tale. There is a mild, brief fluffiness in this holiday package.

Read over at Teaspoon, if you prefer
Read here: Everyone loves candy-canes )

Star Light, Star Bright, Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

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Wow, the letter C is a long one - I've a whopping 24 poems here, each in a different form. Most are pretty short, but it still seems prudent to set them out in readable batches so I'll go with four sets of 6 apiece. All types here, enjoy the buffet - still mostly cat and garden themed.

Cancione (canzo): Order
Lined up tulips )
Capitola: It Figures
If only you had seen it when! )
Carole: Silver Frost and Candlelight
It is God's blessing we're in His sight )
Casbairdne: Pilling the Cat
Must shun )
Cautionary Verse: Kit Clause
I had a friend who thought it amusing when his kittens climbed his legs...at first.
Claws tiny as velcro )
Cento: For Want of a Cottage and Picket Fence
This works a bit like 'found' poetry - from P.G. Wodehouse
A distinctly fruity concern )
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Alone amidst many, yet surrounded I am

A brief, introspective piece for Legolas with an autumn theme - so far from his own forests and people, watching the brief, bright lives of mortals swirling past as leaves in the changing seasons.

Men, golden as leaves, how they furl and fade )
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O come two Boffins, Bolger and Proudfoot,
And excavate the pantry to the root

Christmas brings out all sorts of odd things, as anyone who has ever written a yuletide fic, poem or song well knows. This is my own addition to that burgeoning category out there of the adapted Christmas carol - though most are merely using the tunes more than being about Christmas by the time I was done with them.

O Sackville! )
Are These Trees Here My Trees? )
Ferny Bills )
Eagles on a Midnight Clear )
Have a Mossy Tossy Huorn )
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A little tale written for the harvest season, October 2008

Title: Pumpkin Night
Characters: Gaffer Gamgee, Sam and the other Gamgee children
Wordcount: 1960
Summary: The younger Gamgee children find out what a proper 'pumpkin-night' is like. What is that mysterious creature in the fields...?

Them pumpkins will be ready to bring in this week, I reckon... )


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