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To every thing there is a season

Title: This Shining Ember Burns my Hand
Characters: Beren and Luthien
Wordcount: 100

A/N: To everything there is a season - a small gem for Beren and his Luthien written for [livejournal.com profile] siradaono. Nominated for MEFA, 2010.


When at last he met her eyes again it was like falling into the sea. Wild and shining and deep with an ancient love he could barely comprehend; a jewel of the heavens that he’d captured with the net of his heart. The star forever upon his brow.

Why, he wondered, were all the finest and brightest things in life so rendered with pain, if only in the knowing the years would so soon be lost?

She was a plucked flower in his hand, beautiful and perfect and beginning even now to die.

Yet it was she that had chosen.

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Your heart was ever seaward, beloved

One for the loss that Elrond faced when his Celebrian, wounded and sorrowed, turned away from him to find her healing over the sea, followed by a shaped 'concrete' poem from Celebrian's view of her longing to escape, more properly formatted the wave-shaped stanzas are smoother.

See how the waves lift their arms to the sun )
This )
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Amid the green and golden,
Light settling in your hair.

Thoughts on Galadriel, whose own hand was involved in the weaving of the Lorien cloaks.

Green and Golden
When in the green and golden )
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Then in contentment, my searching done;
My final tale told in full, my wandering at an end,
I could recline this aged head to
Rest. In peace I could at last lay down,
And breathe out my last breath
With my Lady's name upon my lips.

Again from the Appendices as we draw the adventure to a close: an aged Gimli sets sail with Legolas, Galadriel's lock still set within its crystal. I'm tagging this with 'romance' only in the sense that it is a matter of the heart. With it I am including Galadriel's Message, which takes her message to him and uses each word to guide a full poem.

Lockbearer, where have you gone? Over the seas, the wide seas to find you. )
Galadriel's Message
Greeting that I give you now, my Lockbearer, a bearer of heart's treasure )
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Farewell dear Love, it's bittersweet...
One last look at the barren, cold grass,
The white-starred elanor long departed

Two more from the Appendices, as an aged Aragorn chooses the ending of his days and says farewell to his Queen, who then seeks an ending of her own, in her own way. The first is written in couplets, the second in a free prose that gives an overview of their lives together.

At the ending of all my days )
Falling Leaves
In an unending springtime she pledged her troth )
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There's a ship going forth from the Havens,
And upon her that one light shone

For the Bay of the Blessed and the ships finally turning their faces towards Home.
This has been nominated in the MEFA awards for 2009.

With it I'm placing a short verse for Gandalf's role and his guidance even towards the Havens.

The Way Home
There were ships going forth from the Havens )
A way to a home I've never seen )
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Resin beads on sun-warmed wood, glints of golden and amber

Two for the journey to the Grey Havens / Mithlond and the one waiting there. The first is a brief trio of stanzas for the three ancient Elven towers that stood above it, the other an overview of the guardian and craftsman of the swanboats, Cirdan, by the sea.

Three towers stand upon the hills )
The rising breeze dishevels his silver hair - )

Sam's Box

Dec. 22nd, 2009 05:56 pm
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Plant it carefully, Sam

What better symbol of healing, and what finer gift? A piece for Sam's bit of earth entrusted to him, better than any gold.

Sam's Box
Entrusted to your gardener’s heart )
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Behold the ruin, the ravaged Shire,
The trees are felled and burned with fire

Two for the ravaged Shire - what a terrible loss, and what a terrible, vengeful blow they found upon their homecoming. Merry 'should have stuffed that pouch down his throat' as he said.

Alas for the shade and the loam )
The Party Tree
Eyes that had faced down great evil unflinching now burst into tears )
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Alone amidst many, yet surrounded I am

A brief, introspective piece for Legolas with an autumn theme - so far from his own forests and people, watching the brief, bright lives of mortals swirling past as leaves in the changing seasons.

Men, golden as leaves, how they furl and fade )
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Though few can understand how we complete one another;
And they stare at us in wonder as we walk the city streets

One of those ultimate friendships in literature, the bond that grew between this most unlikely pair.

Two Such Friends
we are lessened when we are apart )
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Such longing
I cannot conceal

I admit I am rather proud of how this one worked out. It is a wave-shaped piece on the sea-longing that tormented Legolas so. This poem folds back on itself - and in the proper formatting is a smoother wave - and the ending comes right back to the beginning, so the waves may continue as long as you like.

MEFA 2006 Honorable Mention for Dramatic Poetry.

Seabird's Cry
My soul fills my eyes )
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I know you have a desire for death...
If you are weary,
Share our rest.

A shift in setting now, to that rather creepifying locale that must be crossed, an old water-filled battlefield with dead that do not quite die, from the viewpoint of one of its inhabitants.

The Dead Marshes
The foul reeds are my rushes, the silt my bed, the water, my shroud )
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Do not grieve that you yet have life

Galadriel's words to Gimli, who mourned for the loss of the glory his kind once knew - an amazing kindness between them, a comfort and a clear message of wisdom from one who knew intimately of the ravages Time could bring and the passing of seasons. With it I'm including Crystal Imperishable for the gift she bestowed on him and the faithful admiration he gave in return.

Grieve Not
Fair were their days, and though darkness claims them now, It shall not claim you )
Crystal Imperishable
For this I will release my words spoke ill against your kind )
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White and golden, gold and white

A longer poem in homage to the beauty and peace of timeless Lothlorien, Dreamflower.

With it I'm placing a sonnet written from Aragorn's point of view as he returns to Lorien, remembering his time there with Arwen in the past.

The ageless hues of morning and evening; Silver stars and starry blossoms )
Returning to Lorien
My longing, this forgotten realm of gold )
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Where has the silver maiden gone?

I was taken with Legolas' sad tale of Nimrodel and the stream named for her, one of Tolkien's many 'tales within a tale' that give his storytelling such depth. This is a 'shaped'/concrete poem on a simple scale.

With it is a poem experimenting with a ABba stanza, honoring Haldir and the others who spent so much of their time guarding their pocket of peace from the wars that surrounded them - this one could use some editing, I think, but has some decent turns of phrase.

Sorrowing Nimrodel
Falling in silver whispers. A mourning )
Watching over Lorien
Anathema that blood is shed Beneath gold canopy so sweet )


Dec. 18th, 2009 07:44 pm
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The land lies silent where once it heard singing

The story of Hollin / Eregion and its tragic downfall and scattering caught at my heart, but then, betrayal is such a powerful and terrible event. This is a longer poem, and darker.

Redder than the berries of their beloved holly trees, Their blood once ran )
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Forget the Quick Brown Fox - this goes all out.

All the following poems have all 26 of the letters of the alphabet in the title and also in each individual stanza. The general idea was for stanzas to be four lines each with alternating rhyme - and yes, it does make for some bizarre phrasing when you're trying to stuff in things like J, X and Q.

Pondering: Ents Quashed Orthanc After Axes Failed to Wake Them; Hobbits, Having Zesty Justice, Did )
Wherein Poor Elrond Halfelven Juxtaposes A Quick End to the Bad Boy's Zonal Quest Game )
Rings’ Quick Hobbits, Waxing Zealous, Jumped the Evil Eye )
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A sweet little verse form

The rondelet is French in origin, a short poem of a single septet (that is, 7 lines long), with only two rhymes, and one refrain, which is repeated. The result is, I think, very like flower petals working their way around a flower, small and soft but with a grace and closure I find lacking in some other short forms, such as haiku.

Outside the gate )
Leaves in the wood )
Longbottom Leaf )
Valiant maid )
In Pippin's eyes )
A silver spoon )
Beyond the sea )
There is no time )
Promised, Master )
Greenest fields )
For September 22nd )


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