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Jo, I can't let you do this!

Title: Worlds of Betrayal Between Us
Characters: Three, Jo, the Master
Wordcount: 471
Summary: Jo has had enough of the Doctor, now it's the Master's turn to show her the universe.

A/N: This unusual AU scene came into being because of a challenge issued by [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook who gave me a synopsis that I would "never write" - which meant I had to, naturally. Poor Three. [livejournal.com profile] starbells insisted this be tagged 'horror'.

Prompt: Jo decides she's had enough of Three and goes off travelling the universe with the Master, who she's always secretly preferred anyway.
This is the result:
Are you ready, Miss Grant? )
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D'ye think he'd mind if I jus' pried this wee bit off to take a look?

Title: Two Scots and a TARDIS
Characters: Jamie, Montgomery Scott
Wordcount: 974
Summary: Jamie and Scotty tour the TARDIS while waiting for a landing party to return.

A/N: A little crossover with the original Star Trek series, just for the fun of bringing two well-loved Scots together in the same place.

This is a right bonnie ship, laddie. )
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Yet didn't his brief-single-lived friends face this mortality every time danger raised its head?

Title: A Weaver's Shuttle
Characters: Three, with mention of Sarah-Jane and the Brigadier
Wordcount: 951
Summary: The Third Doctor faces his possible mortality after the events of 'Spiders'.

A/N: This arose from a drabble prompt 'shuttle' at [livejournal.com profile] dw100 but refused to stay drabble-sized.

My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle, and are spent without hope. - Job 7:6

Time moves differently when death is near, he thought )
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Gone for vital equipment?

Title: Vital Equipment
Characters: Two, Jamie, Victoria, the Brigadier
Wordcount: 724
Summary: Lethbridge-Stewart learns some things are just more vital than others, a vignette set sometime during 'Web of Fear'.

What do you mean, you've lost them? )
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She blinked into its depths for a moment, then turned away.

Title: Brazilian Morning
Characters: Jo and Cliff Jones
Wordcount: 603
Summary: Jo Grant-Jones looks to the future, content with her choice.

A/N: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook who wanted a bit of happiness for Jo and Cliff after the previous, rather depressing one.

Jo awoke to the sound of parrots )
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She's stuck together with bubblegum and rubberbands...among other things.

Title: Parts
Characters: Doctors One through Seven with assorted companions
Wordcount: 5,051 in seven chapters
Summary: It's a wonder the TARDIS was still holding together after all this time - of course, she'd had plenty of creative repairs. First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors with companions, but not all at the same time.

Link to Parts at Teaspoon

Link to Parts at Fanfiction.net
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How about this one?

Title: Passing Fancy
Characters: Seven, Ace
Wordcount: 528
Summary: Ace doesn't look much like Liz. Maybe another pass would work better. A light scene extension for Battlefield, references to Three and Four's eras.

Who's Elizabeth Shaw?' Ace protested )
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How dare they.

Title: Too Long in a Cage
Characters: One, Two, Three, Four with cameos by Susan, the Brig and Sarah-Jane
Wordcount: 1,393
Summary: Did they really think they could hold him? A set of vignettes examining the Doctor's status as a renegade.

A/N: This set of somewhat introspective portraits began as a drabble, but - not unlike the Doctor - it would not be contained in quite so brief a place. 'Two' is set at the end of War Games, 'Four' at the beginning of Robot.

Link to all four in a set at Teaspoon

One )
Two )
Three )
Four )
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The Earth ticked.

Title: Like Clockwork
Characters: Three
Wordcount: 307
Summary: He's going to be here for a long, long time.

He usually managed to forget it )
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Doctor, you shrunk the tardis...

Title: Monk-in-the-Box
Characters: The Meddling Monk with cameo by One, Vicki and Steven.
Wordcount: 1,691
Summary: A series of vignettes set just after The Time Meddler, in which the meddling Monk, frustrated at the First Doctor's having stolen the trans-dimensional control from his ship (and thus keeping it tiny) rams himself into his chest-sized TARDIS and tries to steer it anyway, setting off in a very brief attempt to still influence various turning points in history.

Monk-in-the-Box at Teaspoon

I. Gathering his robes up about his knees )
II. How had it gone wrong? )
III. He stifled his grunts as he squeezed )
IV. He was sure every joint in his body was swollen )
V. Cautiously edging out one limb at a time )
VI. 'We're all ready,' Vicki called )
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It's amazing he isn't more hyper than he is.

Title: Some Like it Sweet
Characters: Three and the Brigadier, with Jo
Wordcount: 397
Summary: Three prefers his tea well-doctored, to the Brigadier's disbelief. Standalone humorous vignette.

A/N: That scene in Day of the Dinosaurs where the Doctor loads up his tea with scoop after scoop of sugar always amuses me.

Some Like it Sweet
Tea? What have you done to it then? )
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How to hide the dirt now?

Title: Covering Up
Characters: Frodo, Rosie Cotton-Gamgee
Wordcount: 432
Summary: Alas for the fate of the Ringbearer when housecleaning is due!
Frodo stared, aghast, at his right hand; he could see through it... )
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But what if -

Title: Moth to a Flame
Characters: Frodo
Wordcount: 263
Summary: A vignette written in response to the challenge of 'what would happen if someone else took the Ring...' except with a small twist.

The moth fluttered, strangely drawn... )
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Let's make another toast

Title: The Birthday Guest
Wordcount: 417
Summary: Another short scene as the result of a challenge to spring off of a bit of Tolkien's own verse. In this case, the viewpoint of a guest at the next September's birthday party.

Look at him over there, head of the table he is... )

A Bit More

Dec. 12th, 2009 10:46 pm
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But it's so cold

Title: A Bit More
Characters: Sam, Bill the Pony
Wordcount: 838
Summary: Sam Gamgee's view of what looks to be a bad time on Caradhras, shared with the sympathetic Bill.

A/N: This is an introspective sort of vignette I discovered hadn't been posted anywhere but the rarely-visited Scrapbook. It is brought out and dusted off for inclusion here, the result of a prompt challenge to write something based on the verse at the beginning.

And Bill could take on a bit more, couldn't you, lad? )


Dec. 12th, 2009 10:24 pm
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Old friends who have fought battles before this one

Title: Approach
Characters: Elrond, Gandalf
Wordcount: 603
Summary: A vignette that takes a look at the thoughts of Elrond and Gandalf as they wait in Rivendell, knowing the Nazgul, and the Ring, are near.

A/N: An early work that resulted from a challenge that I no longer recall.

Filled with foreboding Elrond lay down his pen... )


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