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Tea was important; tea always made everything a little more right in this world. He accepted that too.

Title: Morning Tea
Characters: Three, Jo
Wordcount: 1,603
Summary: The Third Doctor and Jo in an introspective interlude.

A/N: Because tea always makes things a little better, because there's always hope, and because I love the subtle relationship between them. A small introspective interlude with a tea analogy woven in, set just before the events of 'The Three Doctors'.
Brr, it's cold in here )
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Yet didn't his brief-single-lived friends face this mortality every time danger raised its head?

Title: A Weaver's Shuttle
Characters: Three, with mention of Sarah-Jane and the Brigadier
Wordcount: 951
Summary: The Third Doctor faces his possible mortality after the events of 'Spiders'.

A/N: This arose from a drabble prompt 'shuttle' at [livejournal.com profile] dw100 but refused to stay drabble-sized.

My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle, and are spent without hope. - Job 7:6

Time moves differently when death is near, he thought )

The Havens

Dec. 22nd, 2009 10:10 pm
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For those seeking the Havens,
For the land will be barren of much that was fair.

Another 'musical' one, this time for the Grey Havens and if I were a writer of music I would perhaps place it to an Irish tune with a lilt for the sea.

The Havens
There’s a waiting ship )
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Then in contentment, my searching done;
My final tale told in full, my wandering at an end,
I could recline this aged head to
Rest. In peace I could at last lay down,
And breathe out my last breath
With my Lady's name upon my lips.

Again from the Appendices as we draw the adventure to a close: an aged Gimli sets sail with Legolas, Galadriel's lock still set within its crystal. I'm tagging this with 'romance' only in the sense that it is a matter of the heart. With it I am including Galadriel's Message, which takes her message to him and uses each word to guide a full poem.

Lockbearer, where have you gone? Over the seas, the wide seas to find you. )
Galadriel's Message
Greeting that I give you now, my Lockbearer, a bearer of heart's treasure )
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There's a ship going forth from the Havens,
And upon her that one light shone

For the Bay of the Blessed and the ships finally turning their faces towards Home.
This has been nominated in the MEFA awards for 2009.

With it I'm placing a short verse for Gandalf's role and his guidance even towards the Havens.

The Way Home
There were ships going forth from the Havens )
A way to a home I've never seen )
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We are never alone or neglected here,
There's always a hearth and a hearty meal.
The gentle sound of the river ways;
A background murmur to our days

A toast to Meriadoc the Magnificent, Master of the Hall. This is one of my own favorites, another that I would set to song if I had the talent. I would love to live in Brandy Hall, myself, if I could.

Brandy Hall
A 'regular warren', to far-flung folk )
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He said I was meant to be whole,
And that wholeness surrounds me;
I must find a way to soak it into my heart.

And finally - "I'm back"....

This brings the 'story' to its ending for my poetry listings that follow the events of the books in order, but there are a handful more to follow, some observations, thoughts and bits from the appendices.

Back Home
Entering, I gather her in )
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Resin beads on sun-warmed wood, glints of golden and amber

Two for the journey to the Grey Havens / Mithlond and the one waiting there. The first is a brief trio of stanzas for the three ancient Elven towers that stood above it, the other an overview of the guardian and craftsman of the swanboats, Cirdan, by the sea.

Three towers stand upon the hills )
The rising breeze dishevels his silver hair - )
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The Shire has flowered after the war.
Like waking from a dream...
Coming back to what is familiar

The shock of peacetime after the shock of war, how can the pieces of the old life be picked up again?

Falling Asleep Again
Coming home in a windswept night )

Sam's Box

Dec. 22nd, 2009 05:56 pm
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Plant it carefully, Sam

What better symbol of healing, and what finer gift? A piece for Sam's bit of earth entrusted to him, better than any gold.

Sam's Box
Entrusted to your gardener’s heart )
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Behold the ruin, the ravaged Shire,
The trees are felled and burned with fire

Two for the ravaged Shire - what a terrible loss, and what a terrible, vengeful blow they found upon their homecoming. Merry 'should have stuffed that pouch down his throat' as he said.

Alas for the shade and the loam )
The Party Tree
Eyes that had faced down great evil unflinching now burst into tears )
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Nodding in his carven chair
Among his cushions and shawls he sits

The Travellers return to Rivendell at last, and their beloved, aged Bilbo awaits them by his fire ready to hear all about their Adventure... assuming he can stay awake.

Nodding by the Fire
Hands like wisps of parchment )


Dec. 21st, 2009 10:14 am
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Glory and Trumpets!

For anyone who has been reading through the dark and angsty war-torn poetry set, you would be well excused to forget there could be lighter topics - at last, the 'happy ending' (at least before the sad ending) is begun. Cormallen is from Sam's point of view with an aim of capturing that blend of poetic and simple country that so characterized his turns of phrase.

What joy is this that awakens my sight? )
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You’re the one
Who must be strong,
Your heart must beat and strive for two;
In the depths of deepest need
Death cannot reach
The Shire’s life yet green in you.

One more for Sam at Sammath Naur - because darn it, he's that amazing. This is written in a pattern with a refrain, and if I were a musical person would be one of a handful I would probably try to write a tune for.

With steadfast heart you stand by me )
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I pity you, that your hopes yet live;
I am sorry that I must see
Them die.

Of the two lives left on that mountain, only one of them was ready to live - and really, he was the only reason for the other to even bother with drawing another breath.

Not Remembering
It is better this way, Sam; the not remembering )
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I'll hold to you fast,
somehow I'll pull us through,
As a bird with broken wings will still drag though the ash.
As long as my legs will carry me,
I'll carry you.

Nearly to the goal but exhausted and overcome, Frodo's helplessness in the grip of darkness and Sam's faithfulness to see them both through to the end.

For your sake I will spend my last breath )
Slopes of Ash
How can I bear your eyes aching for tears when none will come - I want to feel pity for you, Sam, but I cannot... )
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When death is nigh and storms abound
Deep within my heart
I find your words.

Two for Sam, who persevered. The first is for his Gaffer, without whose horse-sense wisdom he would have been adrift and the second for the intensity he dealt with in watching his Master falling deeper beneath his burden and into the edges of madness. Gaffer is somewhat based on a song by Michael Card that he wrote for his own grandfather.

You never knew how much I'd need your words )
A stranger is watching me from your eyes )
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thorns; one
bright eye to
answer. a spark
of life in a deadly
land where living is
suffering and merciless.

Into Mordor proper we go - in this case, to the thorns and the dessication. The first poem is a 'concrete' or shaped poem with each stanza forming a thorn. The second is a (somewhat rambling) examination of the waters that finally trickled down within the rock to keep them alive in that dry, dead place.

a silent resolution )
Stream's Descent
This spark of life...gathered for a purpose )
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"Walk with me." He says, and I do.
Inside my heart I look askance at myself.
What of my own people? My own ambitions?
Yet... I want to walk in the garden with him,
To walk and wander and to have it never end.

An interlude among the war and darkness - this set has the same event from two different viewpoints and styles. The first is Eowyn's, and is a thoughtful, poetic prose style with longer flowing lines. The second is Faramir's and has been set to a more tightly patterned rhyming form with the intent of a military feel. The companion piece for this set would be Ithilien Sunset.

Strange Comfort (Eowyn in the Garden)
There is little green or open in this city of stone )
Faramir in the Garden
More open lands you love, perhaps )
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In such grieving as this is found wisdom,
And in wisdom you will find your strength.

A longer piece for Merry's being recalled from the darkness and grieving by Aragorn's skill.

Merry's Awakening
My heart has gone grey and still as death )


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