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She blinked into its depths for a moment, then turned away.

Title: Brazilian Morning
Characters: Jo and Cliff Jones
Wordcount: 603
Summary: Jo Grant-Jones looks to the future, content with her choice.

A/N: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook who wanted a bit of happiness for Jo and Cliff after the previous, rather depressing one.

Jo awoke to the sound of parrots )
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How dare they.

Title: Too Long in a Cage
Characters: One, Two, Three, Four with cameos by Susan, the Brig and Sarah-Jane
Wordcount: 1,393
Summary: Did they really think they could hold him? A set of vignettes examining the Doctor's status as a renegade.

A/N: This set of somewhat introspective portraits began as a drabble, but - not unlike the Doctor - it would not be contained in quite so brief a place. 'Two' is set at the end of War Games, 'Four' at the beginning of Robot.

Link to all four in a set at Teaspoon

One )
Two )
Three )
Four )
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The Earth ticked.

Title: Like Clockwork
Characters: Three
Wordcount: 307
Summary: He's going to be here for a long, long time.

He usually managed to forget it )
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Amid the green and golden,
Light settling in your hair.

Thoughts on Galadriel, whose own hand was involved in the weaving of the Lorien cloaks.

Green and Golden
When in the green and golden )
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Then in contentment, my searching done;
My final tale told in full, my wandering at an end,
I could recline this aged head to
Rest. In peace I could at last lay down,
And breathe out my last breath
With my Lady's name upon my lips.

Again from the Appendices as we draw the adventure to a close: an aged Gimli sets sail with Legolas, Galadriel's lock still set within its crystal. I'm tagging this with 'romance' only in the sense that it is a matter of the heart. With it I am including Galadriel's Message, which takes her message to him and uses each word to guide a full poem.

Lockbearer, where have you gone? Over the seas, the wide seas to find you. )
Galadriel's Message
Greeting that I give you now, my Lockbearer, a bearer of heart's treasure )
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Resin beads on sun-warmed wood, glints of golden and amber

Two for the journey to the Grey Havens / Mithlond and the one waiting there. The first is a brief trio of stanzas for the three ancient Elven towers that stood above it, the other an overview of the guardian and craftsman of the swanboats, Cirdan, by the sea.

Three towers stand upon the hills )
The rising breeze dishevels his silver hair - )

Sam's Box

Dec. 22nd, 2009 05:56 pm
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Plant it carefully, Sam

What better symbol of healing, and what finer gift? A piece for Sam's bit of earth entrusted to him, better than any gold.

Sam's Box
Entrusted to your gardener’s heart )
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Alone amidst many, yet surrounded I am

A brief, introspective piece for Legolas with an autumn theme - so far from his own forests and people, watching the brief, bright lives of mortals swirling past as leaves in the changing seasons.

Men, golden as leaves, how they furl and fade )


Dec. 20th, 2009 05:53 pm
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You were made for one another,
The mount of a King

A poetic homage to Snowmane, his faithful service and the tragedy of his death and Theoden's.

Surely you were foaled for this very season )
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No doubts to touch their hearts, no fear however small
That you would ever lead them astray, no question
Ever shadowing their hearts to wonder at your honor.

A homage to Faramir and like The Red Book this is in the form of a sestina, where key words are shuffled and re-used in different order at the ending of each line in each stanza.

Sestina for Faramir
Though youthful for a Captain )


Dec. 20th, 2009 12:52 pm
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Om nom nom

Something Completely Different. This small verse for Smeagol's scrambling after his supper near Henneth Annun is strangely memorable, my family still launches into it from time to time.

Fishhh for Gollum, fishhh for strength )
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Evil counsel, sweeter than honey, came to you

A 'moral' poem comparing and contrasting Denethor and Theoden, a Steward and a King facing massive decisions and having to carefully choose whom they listen to.

Counsel of Lies
Two leaders of men in a time of dark war )
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Yet for all your wisdom, you did not see
That a wound cannot be filled with shadows

A pair for Denethor, who obviously was once a better leader than the unstable wreckage he was becoming by the time the narrative reaches him. The first addresses his pride and claim on the leadership, the other his clinging to it by choosing to use a poisoned tool as a source of 'wisdom'.

Lost beneath the banners and proud lineage )
Leader of ashes, Steward of secrets )
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All shadows fade eventually, don't they?

This is a longer prose-styled work, one of my first Tolkien poems and still one of my favorites. Pippin, so far from his home and in such a foreign land, waits for Gandalf in the room at Minas Tirith and looks out over the darkened, war-torn stone city.

Pippin in Gondor
How lonely is the sound of this city at night )
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The ancient trees extend their limbs in creaking-whisper secrecy
As rustle-leaf and quiver-root absorb slow thoughts that lie unseen

Two for the trees - or really, for the Ents. The first is not only for Fangorn "Treebeard" himself, but for all of the Ents and the trees they shepherded. It is written in an Entish way with very long lines and multiple-descriptives.

With it is a much simpler couplet-style overview of the waning of the forests and of the Ents, their rising again in war and their loss in their dwindled numbers being beyond recovery.

Deeping-eyes aglow come round, clear-watching all their wayward trees )
The Loss of the Old Woods
They hewed the trees and stacked the wood, and built their cities near beside )
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I know you have a desire for death...
If you are weary,
Share our rest.

A shift in setting now, to that rather creepifying locale that must be crossed, an old water-filled battlefield with dead that do not quite die, from the viewpoint of one of its inhabitants.

The Dead Marshes
The foul reeds are my rushes, the silt my bed, the water, my shroud )
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Eowyn's despairing hidden love for what she could not have, and the final resolution of that hurt. With it I'm placing a character sketch of Grima, a strangely intimate look at the twisted relationship from Theoden's point of view.

Not for Thee
I'll numb my heart to set it free, drown in a blacker day )
Tell me again how the flames of this fire are sufficient light for old eyes...lest I awake )
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I'm beginning this poetry set for TTT with snapshots of how events were wending along in Rohan, the next stop for (some of) our main characters. Grima Wormtongue (i.e. tongue of smooth deception rather than tongue of worm) is to me a fascinating figure, the corrupted and downfallen nobility that could have been so much more if he had only not turned aside to darkness to meet his personal obsessions. Still, Eowyn had it right when she called him a snake.

With it is a sketch of Eomer in his despairing over the his people and the encroaching corruption and violence he could not seem to hold back.

Soothing as softly perfumed oils...a dragon's cunning )
Do Not Trust to Hope
Too commonplace has death become...do not seek reassurance from me )
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A Birthday Party reaps a harvest of the last peace-time toys Dale would know for a long time.

Art is so often an outgrowth of times of peace, when people can stop worrying about survival long enough to indulge in something just for the sake of beauty. This looks at the history behind (and after) the marvellous toys that were brought in and distributed at the Party Tree.

The Toy-Makers of Dale
The toy-makers of Dale knew and remembered )


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