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The results of a meme that has you pick five fandoms and assigns five random lines of poetry for the prompts. It was supposed to be 50-word snatches, but mine refused to shoehorn any smaller than standard drabble sized.

I chose All Creatures Great and Small, Doctor Who (One's era), LOTR, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Watership Down.

Five drabbles under the cut )
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A challenge was given to describe something complex in words of only one syllable and no more - and still make sense and preferably rhyme! This poem on the battle of Helm's Deep was the result.

We Won
We had no hope, the foe was strong )

The Havens

Dec. 22nd, 2009 10:10 pm
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For those seeking the Havens,
For the land will be barren of much that was fair.

Another 'musical' one, this time for the Grey Havens and if I were a writer of music I would perhaps place it to an Irish tune with a lilt for the sea.

The Havens
There‚Äôs a waiting ship )
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There's a ship going forth from the Havens,
And upon her that one light shone

For the Bay of the Blessed and the ships finally turning their faces towards Home.
This has been nominated in the MEFA awards for 2009.

With it I'm placing a short verse for Gandalf's role and his guidance even towards the Havens.

The Way Home
There were ships going forth from the Havens )
A way to a home I've never seen )
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So easy to intimidate, so simple to control.
What will you do
When one of them grows greater?

Words spoken by both Gandalf and Saruman of what Frodo had become - a look at the Scouring of the Shire and the 'show down' that was not what Sharkey expected.

You have Grown
I would have him find his healing )


Dec. 21st, 2009 10:14 am
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Glory and Trumpets!

For anyone who has been reading through the dark and angsty war-torn poetry set, you would be well excused to forget there could be lighter topics - at last, the 'happy ending' (at least before the sad ending) is begun. Cormallen is from Sam's point of view with an aim of capturing that blend of poetic and simple country that so characterized his turns of phrase.

What joy is this that awakens my sight? )
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My liege fades under his counselor's hand
Like an old parchment slowly losing its words
Not to the brightness of sunlight
But to the spores and small creeping things
That favor the night.

Another set of two for Rohan - Eomer's despairing attempt at bringing a response from Theoden to deal with the death reaching in over their borders in Meduseld, and with it a sketch of how Gandalf is perceived by the Rohan people and court as a bearer of ill news, as he tries to warn them of the coming war.

Meduseld... A golden cage, a lush death bed scented with herbs and hay )
Stormcrow's Warning
Yes, where Stormcrow flies, war comes close behind=, and grievous the carrion birds surely to follow )
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Fallen, fallen...

Chasm is a brief mourning piece after the loss of Gandalf, so suddenly taken from them, and is essentially Frodo's point of view but could apply to Aragorn as well. With it is Mirrormere, a little different from my usual writing in that it dives more deeply into symbolism and philosophical thinking - part of me likes it and part of me thinks it needs work because I was 'trying too hard'. I think I was reading things like Thanatopsis at this time and it shows.

I cannot see for my tears )
Blind to the longer tale we are of, Fated to hold the fleeting )
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A chance at life

The first piece resembles more a running train of thought from Gandalf's point of view than anything else, not top quality but I'm including it anyway. A companion piece to this might be found in the short story "Approach". With it is Rivendell Reflection, from Frodo's viewpoint after awaking.

Arrival in Rivendell
The call was urgent - )
Rivendell Reflection
The living image of memories )


Dec. 17th, 2009 10:43 pm
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Enter Gandalf, center stage.

This is the first of what will be several that are written in 'free verse', though I do make effort to capture a rhythm - free verse is all too often used as an excuse for 'random' verse in my experience, so I feel a need to reassure the reader that while they ebb and flow with their content, they are not the lazy paint splats of poetry you may have encountered in writing classes while in school.

Wise with the wisdom of many years beyond men, )
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O come two Boffins, Bolger and Proudfoot,
And excavate the pantry to the root

Christmas brings out all sorts of odd things, as anyone who has ever written a yuletide fic, poem or song well knows. This is my own addition to that burgeoning category out there of the adapted Christmas carol - though most are merely using the tunes more than being about Christmas by the time I was done with them.

O Sackville! )
Are These Trees Here My Trees? )
Ferny Bills )
Eagles on a Midnight Clear )
Have a Mossy Tossy Huorn )
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Easy to read but fiendishly difficult to write. I know of what I speak - this form is very arguably the most difficult poetic form I've attempted so far. A small number of these are 'not quite pure' double-dactyls taking license with syllable count rather than properly multisyllabic singular words.

For an explanation of what a double-dactyl is, here's an intro:

And here we go - 15 Character Double-Dactyls, Higgledy-Piggledy )

And three double-dactyl drinks for the Road -! )
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Aragorn was right, they should have taken the train.

Title: Rivendell International Airport
Characters: The entire Fellowship including Bill the Pony
Wordcount: 5,667
Summary: A bit of humor considering what might have happened if the Fellowship had decided to take a plane instead of walking all that ways - would Anduril make it through security?

A/N: MEFA 2008 First Place for Humor, genre Elven Lands. Anyone who has ever gone through a modern airport can relate to the events. This piece is one of those that wrote itself rather rapidly one night and has gone on to be one of my most popular writings.

It can also be found at ff.net here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4106468/1/Rivendell_International_Airport (though "Stories of Arda" considered the setting to make it too AU to accept for their guidelines.)

'I still think we should have taken the train,' said Aragorn. )
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Crying 'Fire' in a crowded fic

Title: A Blaze of Glory
Characters: Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn
Wordcount: 1317
Summary: Gandalf is back, but the circumstances are a bit warmer than expected.

A/N: Another 'one-hour challenge' in which we were given a passage from Tolkien and an hour to chase it along. Sometimes the results are a bit unexpected!

It was no wonder that his beard was grey, considering the soot and ash )
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All who saw it wondered what it meant

Title: The Passing of the Fellowship
Characters: the entire Fellowship
Wordcount: 776
Summary: The Fellowship passes by in a highly individual way.

A/N: This was a One Hour challenge piece, in which we were given a prompt from Tolkien's writings and then had one hour to chase the bouncing ball where ever it might go. Mine developed an unexpected bounce.

Gandalf walked in front... )
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Written for Take the Fellowship to Work Day

Title:The Fellowship go to the Library
Characters: All nine of the Fellowship plus a self-insert
Wordcount: 1716
Summary: What is says on the tin - they accompany Prim to her then-job at a grade school library.

A/N: This was written for a challenge that we show what would happen if we took the Fellowship to work with us - a very early effort in my writing (especially as evidenced by the the 'tense') but still potentially amusing to anyone who has ever been around a grade-school.

Okay! Lunches are packed? Backpacks are ready? Let's go! )
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Note to self: add bleach

Title: Saruman's Laundry
Characters: Saruman, Gandalf
Wordcount: 800
Summary: A set of four humorous double drabbles in which Saruman must face the consequences of poor laundering and the significance of color. Rather cracky AU.

Gandalf stood beneath the mighty tower of Orthanc, looking up. )
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So graceful and delicate

Title: Elves at the Havens
Characters: Gandalf, Frodo, Pippin
Wordcount: 145
Summary: Some things are overrated.

...here at last, dear friends )


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