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The results of a meme that has you pick five fandoms and assigns five random lines of poetry for the prompts. It was supposed to be 50-word snatches, but mine refused to shoehorn any smaller than standard drabble sized.

I chose All Creatures Great and Small, Doctor Who (One's era), LOTR, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Watership Down.

Five drabbles under the cut )
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Your heart was ever seaward, beloved

One for the loss that Elrond faced when his Celebrian, wounded and sorrowed, turned away from him to find her healing over the sea, followed by a shaped 'concrete' poem from Celebrian's view of her longing to escape, more properly formatted the wave-shaped stanzas are smoother.

See how the waves lift their arms to the sun )
This )
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Farewell dear Love, it's bittersweet...
One last look at the barren, cold grass,
The white-starred elanor long departed

Two more from the Appendices, as an aged Aragorn chooses the ending of his days and says farewell to his Queen, who then seeks an ending of her own, in her own way. The first is written in couplets, the second in a free prose that gives an overview of their lives together.

At the ending of all my days )
Falling Leaves
In an unending springtime she pledged her troth )
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Preparing to depart, enduring and promising

The first here is somewhat heavy in its presentation, more like getting a lecture than hearing a song if that makes sense - but I like the ending. The second is a double-layered work for Arwen bidding Aragorn farewell, in which there is a short poem woven into the longer one, look for the indented words (I had to use underscores to make it indent). The green Elfstone that Aragorn took that part of his name from signified healing and wholeness.

To perceive the strength that could endure such testing )
The years with sorrows have harrowed your soul )
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A chance at life

The first piece resembles more a running train of thought from Gandalf's point of view than anything else, not top quality but I'm including it anyway. A companion piece to this might be found in the short story "Approach". With it is Rivendell Reflection, from Frodo's viewpoint after awaking.

Arrival in Rivendell
The call was urgent - )
Rivendell Reflection
The living image of memories )
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Forget the Quick Brown Fox - this goes all out.

All the following poems have all 26 of the letters of the alphabet in the title and also in each individual stanza. The general idea was for stanzas to be four lines each with alternating rhyme - and yes, it does make for some bizarre phrasing when you're trying to stuff in things like J, X and Q.

Pondering: Ents Quashed Orthanc After Axes Failed to Wake Them; Hobbits, Having Zesty Justice, Did )
Wherein Poor Elrond Halfelven Juxtaposes A Quick End to the Bad Boy's Zonal Quest Game )
Rings’ Quick Hobbits, Waxing Zealous, Jumped the Evil Eye )
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Sometimes repetition works - tell them you love them every day.

Triolets, short love-notes with an echo

Sam and Rosie

This memory I shall hold dear,
My Rosie, ribbons in her hair -
For even through the pain and fear,
This memory I shall hold dear:
Her laugh alone I'd sometimes hear...
I saw her at the party fair.
This memory I shall hold dear,
My Rosie, ribbons in her hair.

Tom and Goldberry )
Elrond and Celebrian )
Eowyn and Faramir )
And one that isn't exactly romance, but certainly faithful friendship:
Sam and Bill the Pony )


Dec. 12th, 2009 10:24 pm
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Old friends who have fought battles before this one

Title: Approach
Characters: Elrond, Gandalf
Wordcount: 603
Summary: A vignette that takes a look at the thoughts of Elrond and Gandalf as they wait in Rivendell, knowing the Nazgul, and the Ring, are near.

A/N: An early work that resulted from a challenge that I no longer recall.

Filled with foreboding Elrond lay down his pen... )


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