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Caged by men, to foe unfearing
The bars give way with courage nearing
In lines of steel her fair face tearing
Sharp, bright-edged Eowyn

An adaptation of Tennyson's Lady of Shallot for Eowyn's story, the idea was started by someone else but caught my fancy so I ran with it. I remember spending the better part of a long Thanksgiving weekend trip with a notebook in hand struggling to work this through - and yes, it's just as long. For what it's worth, I've had a couple people tell me they preferred it to the original, which was a fine compliment indeed.

The Lady Eowyn
In hall of stone above the plains )
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The hunters three, persistently
(Consistent in their tracking feat)
A leaf of Lorien they found,
All pounded down in loam and peat.

An attempt at the patterning of Tolkien's "Errantry" which turned out to be quite a difficult task and increased even more my respect for his grasp of language. The pattern has been turned in this case to the story of the Three Hunters in their run and their encounter with the Rohirrim, emphasis on Gimli.

The Burly Axegrinder
There was a burly axegrinder, a taxminder, a warrior )
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Farewell dear Love, it's bittersweet...
One last look at the barren, cold grass,
The white-starred elanor long departed

Two more from the Appendices, as an aged Aragorn chooses the ending of his days and says farewell to his Queen, who then seeks an ending of her own, in her own way. The first is written in couplets, the second in a free prose that gives an overview of their lives together.

At the ending of all my days )
Falling Leaves
In an unending springtime she pledged her troth )


Dec. 21st, 2009 10:14 am
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Glory and Trumpets!

For anyone who has been reading through the dark and angsty war-torn poetry set, you would be well excused to forget there could be lighter topics - at last, the 'happy ending' (at least before the sad ending) is begun. Cormallen is from Sam's point of view with an aim of capturing that blend of poetic and simple country that so characterized his turns of phrase.

What joy is this that awakens my sight? )
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In such grieving as this is found wisdom,
And in wisdom you will find your strength.

A longer piece for Merry's being recalled from the darkness and grieving by Aragorn's skill.

Merry's Awakening
My heart has gone grey and still as death )
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Chalice tipp'd, crushed lily-bud,
Spilling your gold among the blood,
To lay, a time unseeing.

For Eowyn, both her courageous stand over the dying Theoden and the war she fought in the heart.

Behold the honour of this house! )
Daughter of Kings
A winter-bourne lily, you were lovely but cold )
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The stone reaches its blackened roots into another time,
Holds the wound open
And remembers.

A consideration of the Stone of Erech, where Aragorn rallied the Dead.

This piece was a MEFA poetry finalist, 2004.

Erech Memorial
Every wounded sunset sees it face another black night )
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Eowyn's despairing hidden love for what she could not have, and the final resolution of that hurt. With it I'm placing a character sketch of Grima, a strangely intimate look at the twisted relationship from Theoden's point of view.

Not for Thee
I'll numb my heart to set it free, drown in a blacker day )
Tell me again how the flames of this fire are sufficient light for old eyes...lest I awake )
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White and golden, gold and white

A longer poem in homage to the beauty and peace of timeless Lothlorien, Dreamflower.

With it I'm placing a sonnet written from Aragorn's point of view as he returns to Lorien, remembering his time there with Arwen in the past.

The ageless hues of morning and evening; Silver stars and starry blossoms )
Returning to Lorien
My longing, this forgotten realm of gold )
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Fallen, fallen...

Chasm is a brief mourning piece after the loss of Gandalf, so suddenly taken from them, and is essentially Frodo's point of view but could apply to Aragorn as well. With it is Mirrormere, a little different from my usual writing in that it dives more deeply into symbolism and philosophical thinking - part of me likes it and part of me thinks it needs work because I was 'trying too hard'. I think I was reading things like Thanatopsis at this time and it shows.

I cannot see for my tears )
Blind to the longer tale we are of, Fated to hold the fleeting )
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Preparing to depart, enduring and promising

The first here is somewhat heavy in its presentation, more like getting a lecture than hearing a song if that makes sense - but I like the ending. The second is a double-layered work for Arwen bidding Aragorn farewell, in which there is a short poem woven into the longer one, look for the indented words (I had to use underscores to make it indent). The green Elfstone that Aragorn took that part of his name from signified healing and wholeness.

To perceive the strength that could endure such testing )
The years with sorrows have harrowed your soul )


Dec. 18th, 2009 02:19 pm
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An 'overview' of the story of Aragorn's mother, in poetic form - setting it among the poetry for Rivendell seemed fitting.

A blossom barely opened )
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It was dark beneath the dell at Weathertop

This being a set of six that go together, I'm including them in one post. They are mostly from Frodo's POV, with some of Sam and Aragorn. It being the subject matter it is - Angst alert!

This set was awarded First Place in the Late Third Age Poetry category, MEFA 2008.

Black is the night beyond the hollow )
Dark Under the Dell
Our only hope a frail boundary of fire )
Put It On
Unbearable... )
The Glory of Shadows
Such a terrible glory, the glory of shadows; The glory of unending death. )
Fading Away
Where has he gone, the Pale King? )
Becoming Like Them
A winter with no hope of spring )
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Going back through my archives I was surprised to find I'd done so very many adaptations of Shakespearian sonnets, a whopping 30+! I'll be posting those today, collecting them into lots to make it more manageable.

I have a slender volume of Shakespeare's sonnets that is mildly dogeared, he has a knack for always sounding so grand, no matter what the topic, and as such lends himself to the drama and grandiose literary panorama that is Tolkien's world.

Four for Aragorn:
Keeping Watch in the Night )

My Time Comes But Slowly )

The Throne and the Chair )

Fulfill Your Oath )
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But what's an acrostic for the alphabet?

After briefly considering them, I've decided to spare this journal the limericks... I mean - really... Acrostics, on the other hand, at least take a bit of thought and planning with the letters serving as a useful jumping off point. Some of these are light, others have more time in them.

Acrostically speaking -

Bilbo Baggins )

Shire Tale )

Bill the Pony )

Smeagol / Gollum )

Aragorn Elessar )

Eowyn of Rohan )

Frodo Baggins, Ringbearer )

Gwaihir )

Meriadoc Brandybuck )
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O come two Boffins, Bolger and Proudfoot,
And excavate the pantry to the root

Christmas brings out all sorts of odd things, as anyone who has ever written a yuletide fic, poem or song well knows. This is my own addition to that burgeoning category out there of the adapted Christmas carol - though most are merely using the tunes more than being about Christmas by the time I was done with them.

O Sackville! )
Are These Trees Here My Trees? )
Ferny Bills )
Eagles on a Midnight Clear )
Have a Mossy Tossy Huorn )
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Easy to read but fiendishly difficult to write. I know of what I speak - this form is very arguably the most difficult poetic form I've attempted so far. A small number of these are 'not quite pure' double-dactyls taking license with syllable count rather than properly multisyllabic singular words.

For an explanation of what a double-dactyl is, here's an intro:

And here we go - 15 Character Double-Dactyls, Higgledy-Piggledy )

And three double-dactyl drinks for the Road -! )


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