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The results of a meme that has you pick five fandoms and assigns five random lines of poetry for the prompts. It was supposed to be 50-word snatches, but mine refused to shoehorn any smaller than standard drabble sized.

I chose All Creatures Great and Small, Doctor Who (One's era), LOTR, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Watership Down.

1. Watching
(All Creatures Great and Small: “As long as it takes to pass”)

“How long should I wait?” James wondered. He was grateful for Siegfried’s advice; his pocket-watch was somewhere in that bovine’s intestine and he wasn’t about to abandon it. He hoped the recommended laxative would hurry it up.

“As long as it takes to pass, James!” Siegfried said cheerfully, jamming on his hat. “As long as it takes to pass. I’ll tell Helen you’ll be late for supper.”

“But…” James protested. The car roared to life and Siegfried was gone. “Oh, blast it! Very well, get on with it,” he muttered at the cow’s hind end.

2. Brown Eyed Girl
(Doctor Who: “My fancy gave her eyes of blue”)

Ian smiled as Barbara took Vicki by the arm, gently chastising the outspoken girl into temporary obedience; so brazen and mischievous, she didn't blend in any more than the Doctor himself. Every day Ian gave thanks for Barbara being caught up in this mad adventure with him, and every day he fell a little deeper in love with her warm, brown eyes until his youthful fancy of a blue-eyed girl was utterly and completely washed away.

"What are you staring at? Do I have something in my teeth?" Barbara asked him.

"No, just something in your eyes."


"Never mind."

3. Two of a Kind
(LOTR: “Once in a thousand years”)

“The stars are so bright on the water, aren’t they?” Frodo watched the spark and quiver in the ship's pale wake. The wind was gentle, and Bilbo’s presence at his side drew the sting from many memories.

Bilbo was also clearer and brighter than he'd been for years. He ruminated on the water-stars and their twins above. “Everything's brighter when there’s two of them."

“They're most remarkable,” Elrond murmured, leaning beside Gandalf.

“Indeed they are. The sort that comes by once in a thousand years,” Gandalf smiled. “How fortunate they came when they did, isn’t it.”

4. I’ll Spin him a Yarn he won’t soon Forget
(The Scarlet Pimpernel: “Tell me what time the weaver sleeps”)

“We hadn’t five minutes grace before the guards were at us,” Tony said, hissing as Andrew pressed a compress to his shoulder. “Thankfully you'd gotten them drinking, Percy. They wouldn't have missed us otherwise.”

“Armand sent word - it was that weaver, Tisserand. He’s been communicating with Chauvelin’s office, signaling with colours of yarn,” Andrew said shortly and began bandaging.

“Tell me what time the weaver sleeps,” Percy replied with a wry smile, tapping his monocle thoughtfully. “And I’ll see to it our clever friend will think twice before ever setting signals for Chauvelin and his Committee again.”

5. Never More to Wander
(Watership Down: “To the same dwelling where his father dwelt)

The Honeycomb was quiet; a warm breeze rustled the grasses outside, most of the rabbits had come in from the growing heat of the day to doze, chew pellets and swap stories and anecdotes.

Hazel nosed two tussling youngsters out of the passageway. They knew a peace and prosperity here he never would've imagined in the past. Clever as El-ahrairah, he’d been called, to his personal astonishment – now he only hoped that his descendants truly would be, that they would be blessed to dwell long in the same home their fathers had, never knowing what it meant to wander.



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