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A small round of drabbling going by as I've revisited a favorite era with a friend who had never seen them before. First a bit of humor regarding the ridiculousness of some of the creatures encountered, then one nod for lost_spook's favorite pair and two for Three and Sarah Jane.

Title: And to Top it off, No One Believes Me
Characters: Jo Grant, Mike Yates
Prompt: 333: grievance
Summary:  Post-Peladon, Jo finally gets her night out with Mike.

“Really! I can’t tell you now nice and normal this is,” Jo said, sipping at her drink.

Captain Yates smiled, reaching for more wine. “Well, I’m sure ‘normal’ isn’t the sort of term many apply to working with the Doctor.”

“Right. One minute you’re going on a pleasant night out then the next thing you know you’re trying to reason with a shrieking six-armed pickle wearing a curtain…”

“A what? Did you say pickle?” His hand stopped, mid-pour.

“Shrieking. One-eyed. Pickle.”  She hiccupped, nodding. “That is my grievance, your majesty.”

“Errr…right. Miss Grant, I better take you home now.”

Title: In Good Hands
Characters: Liz, the Brigadier
Prompt: 336: transfer
Summary: Where on Earth could be safer?

“I want a transfer,” Liz announced firmly. “You were expecting this, weren’t you?” she frowned as Alistair merely glanced over at her.

“Ever since you arrived, really. Or at least since it became apparent the Doctor was staying on with us.”

“Why wouldn’t he stay on?”

“Believe me, Miss Shaw, if he could have a transfer instead, he’d take it.”

“He’s complained…?”

“Not about you. About Earth, perhaps.”

Liz paused. “He really shouldn’t be left alone.”

“He’ll be in good, responsible hands.”

She smiled. “If they’re your hands, I’ll believe it.”

He coloured slightly at that. “Let’s get those papers.”

Title: Rebuild that Sand Castle (it never fell)
Characters: Three, Sarah-Jane
Summary: Sarah-Jane may need a vacation from their vacation.  (set just after Death to the Daleks, prompt 'happy place')

Sarah-Jane picked up the discarded beach umbrella from the TARDIS floor and popped it open to give it dull regard.  Behind her the Doctor was already absorbed in dials and gauges.

She sighed. Sunshine and warmth seemed impossible. Unreachable. Tragically lost.

The umbrella suddenly spun, a rainbow of colours.  He peered around the edge to give her one of those charming, disarming smiles of his.

“Now, where were we?” he asked. “Ah yes! Sand! Sun! Effervescent oceans! Better hurry up and change."

Dressing, she convinced herself it was her own idea to do so; determination was her middle name.

Title: Relative to Who
Characters: Three, Sarah-Jane
Summary: Smith and Smith.  No relation.  Maybe. (prompt: admission)

“I’m Doctor Smith. This is my assistant, Sarah-Jane.”

“Sorry, sir. Only relatives admitted.”

“Oh, but I am!” she put in, ignoring the Doctor’s look. “We’re both Smiths.”

The guard looked skeptical. “Not your wife?”

“My niece,” the Doctor tried, “who also works as my assistant.”

“Nepotism, eh?”

“I beg your pardon!” The Doctor protested huffily. 

Sarah-Jane pulled him away.  “Let’s try the other door.”

“Good day, sir. I’m Doctor Smith and this is my assis…niece.”

“Your what?”

“His daughter,” said Sarah-Jane. “Assiznice Smith.  It’s French.”

The Doctor nudged her past. “Yes,” he added dryly. “The English translation is Sarah-Jane.”

“Relatively, yes!” she grinned.

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