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Plugging along through longer WIPs I found a need to finish *something* hence a set of three drabbles to touch base with my neglected friend [livejournal.com profile] dw100.

First, my favorite of the batch:
Title: Hold Me
Characters: Ian, Barbara
Wordcount: 100
Summary: Just making their way through this adventure together, prompt 'tremor'.

She watched as he faced down hostile men, protected her from the elements, stood between her and oncoming alien forces, shielded her eyes from horrors unspoken. He was always steady, the rock she depended upon in this strange universe they wandered.

He watched as she faced down those who challenged her authority to stop sacrifices, watched her bravely pace into dangers unknown, her head held high, her hand always ready to steady, help and comfort the younger ones under their care in this strange universe they wandered.

It was only when they were alone.

They held one another and trembled.

A bit of humor -
Title: Next Time Just Order a Cake
Characters: Two, Jamie and Zoe
Wordcount: 100
Summary: These look a little too familiar. (Reference to ‘The Seeds of Death’, prompt bloom)

“Oh dear,” the Doctor said, backpedaling back out of the room rapidly. He’d seen blooms of this kind before and had no desire whatsoever to deal with them again. “Quick, water!” he shouted. “Bring me some water!”

Zoe and Jamie shrugged at one another and brought him a cup.

He blinked at it. “No, no, no, water! Much more, buckets! Quickly, before they break open!”

This set them laughing. “Doctor,” Zoe said. “They’re balloons, not fungus spores!”


Jamie smacked him across the shoulders with amusement. “A wee party for Zoe’s birthday. Oh,” he chortled, “Oh, th’ look on your face!”

And finally, a tiny bit that wants to turn into a tale but I'm tamping it down.
Title: Nearly Sweet as Water
Characters: Three and Jo
Wordcount: 100
Summary: Sheltered from more than the sun.
A/N: A brushing of Three-Jo fluff for starflower, prompt cool.

It was a strange thing, Jo thought as they struggled over ridges of hot sand, their former captors now somewhere far behind. Strange because usually being near to someone meant you were hotter.

She remembered days in school, crammed together, parched, when the heat of the bodies in the room was enough to stifle the life out of anyone; a merciless sun beat through the windows, the sweat trickling beneath her scratchy uniform.

“Jo? Just a little farther.”

A coolness enveloped her; she blinked out of heat-addled dreaming, letting him shade her and gently cool her with his alien hands.
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